About Intelsense

Intelsense is an equity research service focused on long term wealth creation. The Intelsense team is founded by Abhishek Basumallick, a well known investor.

He can be seen regularly on various TV chanels such as ET NOW, BT TV and quoted in both national and internationl media like Fortune USA, Nikkei Asia, Business Today, Economic Times, Mint etc.

Subsribe to the services offered:
Please watch the short video to understand the details of each service.
Long Term Research
Hitpicks (Technofunda)
Quantamental (Q30)
Quantamental (Q10)
Quiver Smallcase

To know details of each service please watch the video.

Portfolio Management Service

We are part of a new PMS service.

To know more about it, WhatsApp us at +91-8910725042 or email equity@shreerama.co.in

We Are Partners In Your Wealth Creation Journey

Have you invested and lost money? Do you think equity investing is not for you?

Did you take stock tips from newspapers and TV experts? Have you lost and thought that the market is a scam?

Have you looked at articles with “multibagger” titles and calculated what you would have earned if you had invested in that stock?

Are you a salaried person, professional, businessperson looking to build a corpus for the future? Do you have a monthly savings that you want to invest in equities?

Want to create wealth for your retirement?

Why Choose Us

Honest Research

Honest research for building long term wealth in the equity markets in India.

No Shortcuts

We do not provide tips or promise to make you rich overnight.

No False Promises

We do not make false promises to generate large risk free returns.

SEBI Investor Charter & Complaints

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We do not make false promises to generate large risk free returns.

NOTE: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.

WhatsApp us at +91-8910725042 or email equity@intelsense.in

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